• Broad Front (toe cap) with differentiated width and height in order to better accomodate the fingers.Fast sweat absorption.
  • Reduction of internal folds and seams.
  • Insole with leather of fabric finish, ensuring air circulation.
  • Neoprene upper, water repellent
  • Incorporation, through nanotechnology, of Silver Ions in the fabric fibers – the filter of fungi, bacteria mites, among other agents harmful to health.

Insole developed with ELASTIC VISCO BUBBLE, which has a very high damping index. Its main feature is the permanent memory, that is, it does not lose its thickness. remaining comfortable throughout the usage, increasing the lifespan of the shoe. In addition, the insole has been designed with anatomy, so the feet fit better on it, eliminating the pressure peaks and greatly improving the comfort.

  • Incorporation, through nanotechnology of silver ions in the fibers of the lining fabric: The silver ions reduce the appearance and proliferation of microorganisms such as microbes, fungi, bacteria, mites, and other harm­ful agents, among other benefits.
  • Reduced folds and internal seams: The models have fewer inner seams, providing a friction reduction and pressure on the skin, preventing injuries and generating a unique sensation of comfort and softness.
  • Differentiated materials: The shoes are designed using alternative mate­rials and with the technological appeal. such as Lycra and neoprene, that guarantee flexibility and that have as main characters to be thermal and have a high index of hydro repellence, having the sport as inspiration and providing the use of functional products on casual occasions.
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